Freshman Residency Policy Information

East Carolina University Freshmen (defined as students who have completed fewer than 24 hours of college credit – excluding AP, dual enrollment, or early college hours) are required to live in college housing for at least two semesters. Exempted from this policy are students who have reached their twenty-first birthday prior to the first day of classes; veterans of the U.S. Armed Forces; married students; students with dependent children (living with them); or students who commute to school daily from the permanent, legal residence of their parents (within a 35 mile radius of campus).

  • How does a student get an exemption approved? Students who meet one of the exception criteria will be required to fill out the form which may be downloaded here.
  • Can a student who meets one of the exception criteria still live on campus? Yes!
  • Why did the University make this change? ECU created this policy based on a desire to further improve student retention. Data shows that students living on campus generally return to school the next year at a higher rate with a higher GPA than those living off campus their first year.
  • By submitting this waiver to receive an exception from the freshman residency requirement, the student will be required to be part Pirate Engagement Group Learning Community (PEG) coordinated by the Office of Student Transitions. The student will enroll in specific section of COAD 1000 designed to serve the off campus freshman learning community plus one additional foundation curriculum course in the first semester that that they are living at home under the freshman residency exception. They will also be required to purchase a Gold 40 meal plan for the first semester of enrollment under the freshman residency exemption so they might better connect to the campus and others in the freshman class.
  • Students who apply for housing/sign a housing contract will be held to the terms of the Campus Living contract regardless if they qualify for an exemption from the policy. Applying for a freshman residency exemption after you apply for housing WILL NOT release you from the Campus Living Contract.
  • Competed documents must be mailed to: Campus Living, Live-On Requirement Committee; Jones Hall Office Suite 100, Mailstop 415; Greenville, NC 27858-4353 and scanned documents (please mail originals) can be sent to .